I am fascinated by the infinite expressive possibilities of the human voice.”

Stefanie Janssen is a vocalist, performer and songwriter with roots in classical, opera, indie folk and experimental pop. Also, she loves to partake in projects on improvisation. On stage she bares her soul in poetic lyrics – in both Dutch and English – and gives voice to the ideas and emotions that sing within her, emerging in mixed forms, styles and sounds.

Various bands and projects were initiated by Stefanie herself.
STÄSJ is one of them; an indie electro-pop act that takes you on a true journey exploring, observing and expanding the human spirit. One moment mysteriously hypnotic, the next moment raw and direct.
Meet STÄSJ here: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, www.STASJ.world!

In 2021 the animated opera film Undine saw the light of day. The film tells the story about the disruptive power of an addicted mermaid. A production of Stichting Wildermoed and Studio Minailo. For this opera Stefanie took on the role of artistic director while also taking care of music, vocals, overall concept and story.

From hip-hop musical Ugly D. to opera Three Voices by Morton Feldman, Stefanie’s ongoing search for collaborations and crossovers has resulted in a variety of projects. A wide range of music theatre, dance, opera and improv.
She has presented both solo and collaborative work in venues and festivals such as O. festival Rotterdam, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Go Short, Theater Aan Zee, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Luxor Live, La Nuit Blanche Festival, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Holland Festival, Valkhoffestival, Concertgebouw ‘De Vereeniging’, among others.

Stefanie has created and performed work with groups/collaborators such as Studio Minailo, Laboratory for Performing Arts, fashion label MAISON the FAUX, dance company LAVA/Burning bridges, Richard van Kruysdijk, nederpoptrio Wildgroei!
She graduated at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem.

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